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Ari Shapiro is a writer, podcaster, and publisher with over two decades of experience working for monolithic corporations before one day realizing that the value of pure human ingenuity and creative literary expression is worth far more than being a capitalist ronin prick who drives a nice BMW. He’s a dashing technologist by day and a cunning journalist by night running one of the last independent and underground media hubs featuring articles from a cadre of ruthlessly talented contributors. He also discovered J. R. R. Tolkien at ten years of age, King Crimson by twelve, and ran the city’s most popular bulletin board system at fifteen. Now mired in adulthood, he yearns to avoid mediocrity by inspiring others to use both hemispheres of the mind.
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  1. Lee Davis (reply)

    May 2, 2019 at 7:29 am

    First off thanks for saying it like it is. I have been saying the exact same things about the Jays and Vlady, knowing that he is a kid not a machine like they would have you think. Plus the dangers of overhyping this kid, both for the team and the kids future. We want someone we can actually build a team around with a supportive cast of other big leaguers kids. Not a shell shocked could have been that had far to much and far to fast put on his shoulders. Only time and experience can shape him into the player we all hope he becomes.

    Also thank you again for being educated enough to know who is to blame for this opioid pandemic that we are dealing with! I have lost both friends and loved ones to this nightmare that our governments both north and south of the boarder not only knew was happening but looked the other way if the campaign contributions were big enough to get them elected. The so called medical professionals as well. Where does it say in the Hippocratic oath that it’s ok to inflict a epidemic of suffering on your patients if you get enough free trips and kick backs from big pharma? What is going on in this world? Jim Morrison must be rolling over in his grave… there was a time when believing in something and standing up for it meant something. Now not only is selling out excepted it’s expected. The only thing your measured on is how much you got…

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