Tao of Stieb on the Toronto Blue Jays (06-05)

Joining me on this episode is one of the most esteemed and dynamic baseball writers across Canada, the Tao of Stieb (@taooftstieb) from Rogers Sportsnet, who offers up exclusively candid takes on a multitude of pressing Blue Jays issues: his thoughts on the team’s gruesome May, if Vlad Guerrero Jr. is on borrowed time in the minors, thoughts on the real legacy of John Gibbons, if the chemistry in April could be bottled and replicated in June, on the surreal rise and fall of Joe Biagini, why Kendrys Morales and Russell Martin remain stalwarts in a struggling lineup, and how Randal Grichuk is his choice for true cavalry salvation.

Baseball Round Table – Sam Mendelsohn Colin Teskey and Jon Reid (06-05)

If that doesn’t whet your palate enough, I urge you to keep listening for an action-packed round table consisting of podcaster Sam Mendelsohn (@Mendy_Island), producer Jon Reid (@JonReid590), and sportscaster Colin Teskey (@TeskeyRadio). Together, we explore if the Blue Jays season is salvageable, what really happened to Marcus Stroman, why Pete Walker and Brook Jacoby are still employed, if the criticism being levied against Gibby is fair, why delaying a rebuild may come back to haunt Mark Shapiro, and the growing dilemma that is Josh Donaldson’s horrific season.

Teskey and Shapiro – Episode 4

Colin Teskey & Ari Shapiro are back with a vengeance covering: Vegas Golden Knights surrealism, admiration for George McPhee, understanding the Maple Leafs executive shuffle, the powerful influence of Mike Babcock, concerns about the future of Auston Matthews, ranking the big three Toronto pro sports teams in order of relevance, if the Raptors will ever win with Lowry & DeRozan, why blaming John Gibbons is lame, and the verbal evisceration of Aaron Sanchez.

Teskey and Shapiro – Episode 1

Teskey & Shapiro – Episode 1. Starring Colin Teskey & Ari Shapiro – irreverent, candid, and straight from the heart sports commentary. Featuring: baseball free agency and collusion (2:51), once upon a time in the west and Clint Eastwood (13:08), how corporatism brutalizes the fan of pro sports (16:58), MLSE joy and the awesome power of hockey & basketball playoffs (23:01),the powerful absence of real leadership (26:06), underestimating Brendan and Masai (29:48), and anticipating how the Maple Leafs may do something unearthly (38:19).

Teskey and Shapiro – Episode 2

Teskey & Shapiro – Episode 2 (03/29/18). Colin Teskey & Ari Shapiro reunite for the sequel to their first collaboration. Featuring: the dwindling power of pro sports general managers, how ageism is being destroyed brick by brick, how a bad trade ruins a generation, the legacy of Alex Anthopoulos at the poker table, which NHL franchise deserves Rasmus Dahlin, and the awesome evolution of DeMar DeRozan.

Ben Nicholson-Smith on the Toronto Blue Jays (05-24)

Ari Shapiro speaks with Sportsnet’s Baseball Editor, Ben Nicholson-Smith (05/24) who covers the Toronto Blue Jays from coast-to-coast. Topics covered: his thoughts on how fans should feel about an underwhelming May, how much baseball luck plays a part in the early season, what John Gibbons can do to motivate his players, if the Blue Jays are good enough to challenge the Angels, and what he would do with Vlad Guerrero Jr. when it comes to the 2018 Blue Jays.

Tony Fernandez Interview (01-17-18) – Pride and Dignity.

Opening Monologue. (0:00-10:58)

His early childhood years, the moment baseball became a passion in life, which players inspired Tony most growing up in the Dominican Republic, how the vaunted “Fernandez sidearm toss” evolved, and his relationship with uber scout Epy Guerrero as both a father figure, mentor, and Latin baseball talent trailblazer. (10:59-27:22)

Early days of losing expansion baseball, his relationship with his band of brothers, the moment he knew the Jays were legitimate playoff contenders, candid thoughts on the 1985 and 1987 teams, nostalgic rivalries with the Tigers and Yankees, on the delicate ebb and flow of self-confidence, the perpetual inability to win when it mattered most, and the time Buck Martinez made his jaw drop. (27:23-40:11)

Tony’s touching thoughts and strong feelings on Cito Gaston and how his leadership influenced everyone around him, on the pursuit of a standard of excellence, how the arrival of the SkyDome legitimized the team and made him forget Exhibition Stadium, his feelings on the bittersweet winter of 1991 and how he personally handled the biggest trade in franchise history. (40:11-50:21)
On returning to the Jays on three (3) different occasions and how close his heart is to all things Toronto, why the team’s loss of family values hurt their post-season future, the Japanese playing experience in the twilight of his career, the lack of respect he felt from baseball in a new decade, being recognized on the level of excellence and if the Blue Jays are doing enough with their alumni, and his honest impressions of the modern day roster and the current state of his overall health. (50:22-68:00)

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