Tony Fernandez Interview (01-17-18) – Pride and Dignity.

Opening Monologue. (0:00-10:58)

His early childhood years, the moment baseball became a passion in life, which players inspired Tony most growing up in the Dominican Republic, how the vaunted “Fernandez sidearm toss” evolved, and his relationship with uber scout Epy Guerrero as both a father figure, mentor, and Latin baseball talent trailblazer. (10:59-27:22)

Early days of losing expansion baseball, his relationship with his band of brothers, the moment he knew the Jays were legitimate playoff contenders, candid thoughts on the 1985 and 1987 teams, nostalgic rivalries with the Tigers and Yankees, on the delicate ebb and flow of self-confidence, the perpetual inability to win when it mattered most, and the time Buck Martinez made his jaw drop. (27:23-40:11)

Tony’s touching thoughts and strong feelings on Cito Gaston and how his leadership influenced everyone around him, on the pursuit of a standard of excellence, how the arrival of the SkyDome legitimized the team and made him forget Exhibition Stadium, his feelings on the bittersweet winter of 1991 and how he personally handled the biggest trade in franchise history. (40:11-50:21)
On returning to the Jays on three (3) different occasions and how close his heart is to all things Toronto, why the team’s loss of family values hurt their post-season future, the Japanese playing experience in the twilight of his career, the lack of respect he felt from baseball in a new decade, being recognized on the level of excellence and if the Blue Jays are doing enough with their alumni, and his honest impressions of the modern day roster and the current state of his overall health. (50:22-68:00)

Jesse Barfield Interview (08-09-17) – A Grateful Baseball Soul.

The only thing better than celebrating a crucial victory against the New York Yankees is doing it with one of the most illustrious and beloved Blue Jays players of all-time: Jesse Barfield (@JesseBarfield29). Tune in as host Ari Shapiro brings you an endearing look back at the career of number 29 who patrolled right field as a starter for the club from 1982-1989, and was universally renowned for his throwing arm and being a part of the best outfield in the 1980’s – Barfield, Bell, and Moseby.

Jesse offer us his thoughts on: what Toronto fans need to know about those 80’s teams and uberscout Epy Guerrero (5:20), on the adjustment to major league baseball after skipping minor league ball (10:28), what Cito Gaston truly meant to this organization (12:40), his candid perspective on “the greatest outfield in baseball” (19:40), on the current defensive priorities in the outfield and the value of a throwing arm (22:16), reflections on the 1985 team and their amazingly balanced roster (27:11), on the last gasp that was the 1987 team and their massive level of talent (30:40), how fame and success affected him during his breakout all-star campaign in 1986 (35:48), memories of playing against and for the Bronx Bombers (38:30), how playing with the Yorimuri Giants broadened his horizons (58:30), and his impressions of the 2017 team.

Todd Stottlemyre Interview (06-13-17) – The Pursuit of Relentless Success.

Todd Stottlemyre, former Blue Jays right-handed starter and three-time World Series champion, sits down with host Ari Shapiro and opens up about his professional career, life and family after baseball, and his thoughts on the current group of Toronto Blue Jays.
In this exclusive interview, Mr. Stottlemyre is raw, candid, and indelible with his thoughts on the current state of sportsmanship in the game, how injuries are perceived by a different generation of players, and how he truly feels about Toronto’s chances for the post-season given their challenging start to the 2017 campaign.
At just over an hour of compelling banter and brass tacks repartee, Jays Journal is proud to bring you an introspective look at a former player whose passion and love of the game remains as inspirational as it is unforgettable.

Teskey and Shapiro – Episode 3

Teskey & Shapiro is the latest sports podcast featuring two popular Toronto journalists (Colin Teskey and Ari Shapiro) whose boundless passion for their local sports teams is only matched by their surrealistic love of all things Clint Eastwood.

(0:48) The legacy of the Noah Syndergaard trade
(4:48) Rickey Romero & Marcus Stroman comparisons
(8:41) Inside Roberto Osuna’s head and the perils of arbitration
(12:30) Toronto: heart-breaking urban sprawl
(14:51) Emperor Babcock and Shanahan’s gambit
(21:17) Daydreaming about Erik Karlsson
(26:41) Alexander The Great
(31:02) The gruesome ballad of Dwayne Casey
(36:16) Extraordinary and superfluous facts you didn’t know about Clint Eastwood

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