Ten Minutes of Cardy – Episode 3 (WWE Edition)

Welcome to the third edition of “Ten Minutes Of Cardy” from celebrated podcaster and Toronto sports aficionado Brent Cardy – available exclusively at www.arishapiro.ca.

On this week’s sampler, Cardy calls out the WWE for their poor timing and placement of the Women’s only pay-per-view (Evolution) offering. He also looks at what he’d do in place of Vince McMahon when it comes to their upcoming Crown Jewel PPV quagmire and adds his argument to John Layfield’s interview on Varney & Co.; this is one teaser-trailer you don’t want to miss!

Brent Cardy is the Host & Producer of the critically-acclaimed “The Cardy Show” which can be found on @iTunes and @Podomatic. Be sure to check out his latest work on twitter via @BrentCardyShow and subscribe to his podcast today.

A conversation with Katie Caldwell

My conversation with hockey sportscaster Katie Caldwell, whose affiliations include the Nashville Predators, TSN, and Sirius XM Radio.

We discussed why the game has influenced her so profoundly over the year, the state of NHL brand marketing today, why the Oilers-Devils overseas promotion was a misstep for the league, how raw speed has changed things forever, her thoughts on the McDavid-Matthews supposed rivalry, hot takes and conclusions about the Nashville Predators and Toronto Maple Leafs, on the escapist nature of the sport, if front offices still remain tone-deaf to many cultural and societal challenges, and how her personal battle with adversity was punctuated by a steadfast commitment to family and hockey values.

Be sure to follow Katie (@katielauriss) on social media and enjoy her profile as one of the most dynamic and professional authorities on hockey across North America.

A conversation with Scott Wheeler

My conversation with writer, blogger, and sports journalist Scott Wheeler, whose prolific work at The Athletic as an expert on all things Toronto Maple Leafs and Marlies is a tribute to his love and passion for the game of hockey.

We talked about his thoughts on the daily social media fallout of modern hockey fandom, why Morgan Rielly should be joined at the hip with Jake Gardiner, on the endless struggles of an aging Hainsey and the always enigmatic Zaitsev, if it’s unusual for him to see such an imbalance of financial resources allocated between defenders and attackers, why Trevor Moore’s play could lead to a demotion for Leivo or Ennis, if Mike Babcock still has his full confidence and trust, and his candid take on the content-mill/paywall paradigm that exists in today’s battle for internet reader loyalty.

Be sure to follow Scott (@scottcwheeler) on social media and check out his excellent articles and worthwhile observations at The Athletic (@TheAthleticNHL).

A conversation with Dana Bookman

My conversation with Dana Bookman, the CEO and Founder of Toronto Girls Baseball and the Canadian Women’s Baseball Association.

We discussed her impressions from the Women At-Bat event hosted by She’s 4 Sports earlier in the summer, on the gruesome statistics surrounding girls who abandon sports at a young age, who is responsible for creating the right environment for civic health and recreation, if the rise of eSports is detrimental to her mandate, how she feels about the likelihood of a female MLB executive, on the importance of women finding true inspiration in a male-dominated professional sports world, the evolution of Toronto Girls Baseball as a league, and her candid take on the season that was for the Toronto Blue Jays.

Be sure to follow Dana (@TorGirlBaseball) on social media and visit TorontoGirlsBaseball.com when you have a moment.

A conversation with Cassandra Collins

My conversation with fitness advocate and health coordinator Cassandra Collins, whose work as an ambassador with FitSpirit is a testament to her passionate pursuit of gender diversity and the importance of girls’ and women’s health awareness across all sports organizations.

We talked about her thoughts on why the public should be concerned about the declining statistics behind female sports participation that prompted her to volunteer all over the globe, why the 6:1 ratio of girls dropping out of sports over boys is an epidemic that needs to be addressed immediately, if governments have a responsibility to their citizens when it comes to universally sanctioned athletics, why the media is repeatedly crafting an unrealistic perspective of what it means to be fit in today’s modern society, why Canada is rife with double standards about physical health and appearances, which of the big four sports in North America is likely to have a high-ranking female executive in their ranks as a role model, the concept of sport as an inspirational facet of life affirming goals and genuine relationship building, and her candid take on the recent eSports craze and what this could mean for our general health.

You can reach Cassandra online (cassandra.collins@fitspirit.ca) and with @FitSpirit on Twitter and Facebook. Be sure to follow her inspirational message via motivational conferences, events, and promotional activities across social media as a true emissary of healthy living.

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