A conversation with Cassandra Collins

My conversation with fitness advocate and health coordinator Cassandra Collins, whose work as an ambassador with FitSpirit is a testament to her passionate pursuit of gender diversity and the importance of girls’ and women’s health awareness across all sports organizations.

We talked about her thoughts on why the public should be concerned about the declining statistics behind female sports participation that prompted her to volunteer all over the globe, why the 6:1 ratio of girls dropping out of sports over boys is an epidemic that needs to be addressed immediately, if governments have a responsibility to their citizens when it comes to universally sanctioned athletics, why the media is repeatedly crafting an unrealistic perspective of what it means to be fit in today’s modern society, why Canada is rife with double standards about physical health and appearances, which of the big four sports in North America is likely to have a high-ranking female executive in their ranks as a role model, the concept of sport as an inspirational facet of life affirming goals and genuine relationship building, and her candid take on the recent eSports craze and what this could mean for our general health.

You can reach Cassandra online (cassandra.collins@fitspirit.ca) and with @FitSpirit on Twitter and Facebook. Be sure to follow her inspirational message via motivational conferences, events, and promotional activities across social media as a true emissary of healthy living.

The Mordecai Jones Chronicles – Episode 1


Lookin’ for a fight? Want a location? Mordecai Jones is lookin’ for a fight with one man, Dana White, the guy he figures is single-handedly responsible for the insane brawl at UFC 229, and more importantly, the pout on Stipe Miocic’s mug. There’s only one location cold enough for the President’s cage-side manner, and it’s over the hills of Dagestan and far away.

A conversation with Mary Ormsby

My conversation with veteran writer, and columnist Mary Ormsby, whose prolific work at The Toronto Star for over three decades has cemented her status as one of the most dynamic and accomplished investigative journalists for cultural, historical, and sports-related narratives across Canada.

We discussed her experiences in working for a pillar of mainstream journalism and how she bridges the gap between life’s lessons and sports stories, on how she was able to forge ahead as a female reporter in a male-dominated landscape, her candid thoughts on the current state of the industry during the Age of Trump, her take on the spectacle that was the Brett Kavanaugh hearings and the consequent societal fallout, and how she genuinely feels about readers in the modern age.

Be sure to follow Mary (@MaryOrmsby) on social media and at The Toronto Star (thestar.com) where her articles will be sure to inspire and make you think twice about the world around us.

Ten Minutes of Cardy – Episode 2

Welcome to the second edition of “Ten Minutes Of Cardy” from celebrated podcaster and Toronto sports aficionado Brent Cardy – available exclusively at www.arishapiro.ca.

On this week’s sampler, Cardy talks about his ALCS and NLCS baseball predictions, his NFL thoughts on the Broncos/Falcons/Rams/Chiefs, his candid observation on Hurricane Michael, and a preview of his upcoming show with special guest: veteran Canadian sportscaster Jody Vance!

Brent Cardy is the Host & Producer of the critically-acclaimed “The Cardy Show” which can be found on @iTunes and @Podomatic. Be sure to check out his latest work on twitter via @BrentCardyShow and subscribe to his podcast today.

Ari Shapiro on The Neutral Zone

My latest guest appearance (10-06) on The Neutral Zone podcast (@AMIaudio) with hosts Brock Richardson (@neutralzonebr) & Cam Jenkins (@NeutralZoneCamJ) talking about the Toronto Blue Jays.

We engaged in a retrospective look at the Blue Jays season that was, if I was surprised that John Gibbons managed to last the entire season, candid thoughts on the second best manager in the history of the franchise, who the next manager of the team should be, if multilingualism will be a major factor in upgrading the coaching staff, how the financial justification of keeping Vlad Guerrero Jr. buried in the minors will come back to haunt the front office, and if Mark Shapiro will be around to rebuild this team properly.

Be sure to subscribe to The Neutral Zone (AMI.ca/listenlive) and enjoy their fine work as an accessible television channel offering professional reading and original content to blind and partially sighted Canadians.

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