Shapiro’s Hockey Round Table: Dinner is on Mitch Marner

On this latest round table, I’m joined by critically-acclaimed blogger and writer Luke Armstrong (@armstrongthings), TSN stalwart and sportscasting legend Tony Ambrogio (@Tony_Ambrogio), and celebrated author and soothsaying economist Marshall Auerback (@Mauerback), who all serve up hot takes on the recent signing of Mitch Marner and the future of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

We discussed: their respective hot takes on the Mitch Marner deal (six years, $10.893 million AAV), how they feel about this roster as it’s presently constituted, on the prospect of rewarding players before they’ve won anything, if Mike Babcock feels any pressure halfway through his epic contract, should pressure exist for an organization that hasn’t won a championship in 53 years, on the veteran presence of a Tyson Barrie and other wily mercenaries, how backup goaltending could be the difference maker when it comes to Neuvirth, and who they think will be the darkhorse on this ruthlessly talented team of multi-millionaires.

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