Todd Stottlemyre Interview (06-13-17) – The Pursuit of Relentless Success.

Todd Stottlemyre, former Blue Jays right-handed starter and three-time World Series champion, sits down with host Ari Shapiro and opens up about his professional career, life and family after baseball, and his thoughts on the current group of Toronto Blue Jays.
In this exclusive interview, Mr. Stottlemyre is raw, candid, and indelible with his thoughts on the current state of sportsmanship in the game, how injuries are perceived by a different generation of players, and how he truly feels about Toronto’s chances for the post-season given their challenging start to the 2017 campaign.
At just over an hour of compelling banter and brass tacks repartee, Jays Journal is proud to bring you an introspective look at a former player whose passion and love of the game remains as inspirational as it is unforgettable.

Teskey and Shapiro – Episode 3

Teskey & Shapiro is the latest sports podcast featuring two popular Toronto journalists (Colin Teskey and Ari Shapiro) whose boundless passion for their local sports teams is only matched by their surrealistic love of all things Clint Eastwood.

(0:48) The legacy of the Noah Syndergaard trade
(4:48) Rickey Romero & Marcus Stroman comparisons
(8:41) Inside Roberto Osuna’s head and the perils of arbitration
(12:30) Toronto: heart-breaking urban sprawl
(14:51) Emperor Babcock and Shanahan’s gambit
(21:17) Daydreaming about Erik Karlsson
(26:41) Alexander The Great
(31:02) The gruesome ballad of Dwayne Casey
(36:16) Extraordinary and superfluous facts you didn’t know about Clint Eastwood

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