Toronto Blue Jays Round Table: Henderson-Falbo-Rosenhek

My latest baseball round table featuring Chris Henderson (@baseball4brains; musician and site expert at Jays Journal), Geoff Falbo (@gfalbo13; writer/blogger formerly with Deep Leagues), and Eric Rosenhek (@TheHek; writer and host of Definitely Not Jays Talk).

We discussed: Vlad Guerrero’s oblique strain and the issue of personal conditioning, the glorious renaissance of Bo Bichette, Anthony Alford’s quest for true baseball redemption, Bud Norris and the issue of veteran influence in the dugout, what happens if Marcus Stroman and Aaron Sanchez put their pitching woes behind them, the future of the starting rotation, when this team officially becomes Mark Shapiro’s baby, and what happens if the bottom falls out early and all we’re left with is a minor league product at major league prices during August.

A conversation with Gil Troy

My conversation with celebrated writer and historian Gil Troy, who has received numerous international awards for excellence in commentary and is also a prolific author of such critically-acclaimed books as “Age of Clinton: America in the 1990’s” and “The Zionist Ideas: Visions for the Jewish Homeland.”

We discussed if there was anything left that surprised him politically or spiritually during the age of Trump, how his academic and literary background allowed him to sublimate a world filled with extreme ideas and unreasonable people, what inspired him to study world history and understand the basic question of conflict and resolution, if the dangers of historical revisionism keep him awake at night, his take on Samuel Huntington’s clash of civilizations paradigm, if tribalism and the rise of authoritarian regimes is all but destroying the concept of centrism, how the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin and the demise of compromise changed the Israeli narrative permanently, his take on separating anti-semitic discourse with anti-Israel sentiment, and why Quebec took sovereignty off the table after decades of fervent nationalism.

Make sure you’re following Gil (@GilTroy) on social media, and be sure to visit his website ( to enjoy his latest literary efforts and commentary on the world around us.

A conversation with William D. Cohan

My conversation with investigative journalist and best-selling author William D. Cohan, whose prodigious efforts and intrepid literary skills have made him one of the world’s foremost authorities on the true nature of Wall Street corruption and financial subterfuge.

We talked about his latest book (Why Wall Street Matters) and his thoughts on an increasingly polarized and rudderless United States government, what inspired him to leave his former life as a senior investment banker and continue his passion for journalism, where he finds the diligence to stay on top of significantly ambitious and controversial projects, how Canadians should perceive their neighbours down south while witnessing political chicanery at play, if North Americans should really be worried about a Warren Buffet style ‘megacatastrophe’ in the near future, his candidly unfiltered conclusions on the Trump presidency, and why baseball and the Boston Red Sox made him the happiest man in the Western Hemisphere.

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A conversation with Stephen Witt

My conversation with critically-acclaimed author and journalist Stephen Witt, whose book “How Music Got Free” is a brilliant narrative history of music piracy and a true story about the scientists, smugglers, and corporate suits that you never imagined were behind the scenes changing the industry as we know it.

We discussed the three most important figures who altered music forever; Karlheinz Brandenburg (altruistic scientist), Dell Glover (anarchic smuggler), and Doug Morris (greedy capitalist), what inspired Stephen to devote his life to researching and writing about the truth behind mainstream perceptions of security and privacy, his impressions of Tower Records and the end of old school retailing, why his lack of sentimentality for album nostalgia and classic rock bands shouldn’t be mistaken for as weakness, the insidious nature of Apple and Google when it comes to meta-data collection and how it’s influencing a new generation of music lovers, and his candid thoughts on the human condition when it comes to new ideas constructed on the backs of failing industries.

Be sure to follow Stephen (@stephenwitt) on social media and visit his website ( to order your copy of “How Music Got Free: The end of an industry, the turn of the century, and the patient zero of piracy” available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, Powell’s, Indiebound, and iBooks.

Ari Shapiro on Sportsnet 650 (Vancouver) with Mira Laurence (03-04-19)

My latest guest appearance on Sportsnet 650 Vancouver (03-04-19) with glorious host Mira Laurence (@laurence_mira).

We discussed John Tavares and the delicate emotional sensibilities of their respective fanbases, the inevitably predictable fate of Mitch Marner, how injuries to Jake Gardiner and Travis Dermott will impact Toronto’s playoff fortunes this year, Vlad Guerrero Jr. under the scrutiny of spring training weight punditry, and various pre-season baseball musings about labour relations and corporate smugness.

Shapiro’s Daily Rant: John Tavares and Fan Tribalism

Saturday’s rant on the return of John Tavares to Nassau Coliseum on Thursday, February 28th, 2019; the first time since leaving the New York Islanders to play for the Toronto Maple Leafs.

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Prospects Live presents: Crashing The Pressbox – Episode 4

Prospects Live presents “Crashing The Pressbox – Episode 4”

Here’s my latest appearance on the critically-acclaimed baseball podcast “Crashing The Pressbox” with splendid host Jason Woodell (@Jasonatthegame). We discuss the Toronto Blue Jays and their talent base, our shared thoughts on podcasting philosophies, why the sport of baseball has reached an existential crisis for the ages, and a blistering rapid-fire round of questions that I inexplicably took half an hour to answer.

It’s been called a living library of minor league baseball and is regarded as one of the best resources for farm team enthusiasts and sabermetric purists. Featuring prospect lists, compelling podcasts, in-depth graph studies, progressive field reports, and comprehensive scouting portfolios – Prospects Live is an experience that simply cannot be missed.

Be sure to visit and check them out on social media (@ProspectsLive). It’s the best thing you’ll likely do this entire year.

Ari Shapiro on Sportsnet 650 (Vancouver) with Mira Laurence (02-16-19)

My latest guest appearance on Sportsnet 650 Vancouver (02-16-19) with Mira Laurence (@laurence_mira).

We talked about the indomitable will of the Vancouver Canucks and how they’ve brought a new culture to the city, the fallout from the Auston Matthews contract, how the Maple Leafs depth chart changes with the unfortunate injury to Andreas Johnsson, the start of baseball spring training and the Blue Jays astonishing lack of depth, if newly minted skipper Charlie Montoyo can become a bigger fan favourite than John Gibbons, and the daunting front office rationalization behind delaying Vlad Guerrero’s ascent to inevitable stardom.

A conversation with Tom Harrington

My conversation with nine-time Gemini nominee and Canadian journalist Tom Harrington, whose work as the host of The World This Hour on CBC Radio and with The National has made him a television and radio staple with households across the country.

We talked about his storied career which began in 1981, nostalgic experiences from Calgary-Montreal-Toronto, how the changing nature of broadcast journalism forced him to adapt, his thoughts on social media and the polarization of thoughts in politics and sport, if the growing threat of disinformation and populism has changed the way he reports the news, and his refreshingly honest thoughts on the Blue Jays, Maple Leafs, and Raptors.

Be sure to check out Tom (@cbctom) on social media and especially at where you can watch, listen, and enjoy this acclaimed professional in action.

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