A conversation with Jim Tatti (08-20)

My conversation with legendary sportscaster and TSN host Jim Tatti, whose work in the industry has spanned over four decades.

We discussed his thoughts on the sports climate and general feeling on the dog days of August, if he was surprised at the Blue Jays failure to compete in 2018, why we’ve seen the rise of overpaid and underachieving athletes in Toronto, the tough sell of a typical Blue Jays ticket and his opinion of their business model, on MLSE stepping out and if the novelty of their moves has worn off yet, his thoughts on early Vegas prognostication, and if he thinks the baseball management team will learn anything from the Raptors and Maple Leafs.

Be sure to check out Jim’s fine work @jimtatti and on TSN Radio 1050/1150.

Ari Shapiro on Sportsnet 650 (Vancouver) with Mira Laurence (08-17)

My recent baseball insider appearance on Sportsnet 650 in Vancouver with host Mira Laurence (08-17). A lively and engaging look at the recent eSports surge of popularity, Shi Davidi’s comments regarding the fate of Josh Donaldson, my magnanimously opulent comments on the future of John Gibbons, the reality of Jose Bautista’s true staying power, and my unabashedly candid lament of the Urena suspension.

Ari Shapiro on Sportsnet 590 (Toronto) – The Roger Lajoie Show (08/11)

My latest baseball insider appearance with the inimitable Roger Lajoie of Sportsnet 590 in Toronto, talking about the Blue Jays 25th anniversary of their 1992/1993 World Series championships. We also covered: the quagmire that is pace-of-play initiatives in the sport, what to expect from the starting rotation in 2019, Kevin Pillar’s regression and what it means for this pop-gun offensive lineup, the challenge of bringing up Vlad Guerrero Jr. in a lost year bereft of competitive purpose, and how to deal with the 46 remaining games of a long and miserable baseball season.

Titans of Technology – Episode 1 feat. Gary Kenning Leor Grebler and David Janowski

Titans of Technology- Episode 1. Ari Shapiro takes a closer look at the reality of internet access, artificial intelligence and voice meta-data collection, and the value of portal-based software in the urban sprawl that is Toronto, Canada. Guests: Gary Kenning of Cloudwifi, Leor Grebler of UCIC, and David Janowski of Payquad. (Release date: August 11th, 2018.)

Ari Shapiro on Sportsnet 650 (Vancouver) with Dave Sheldon (08-01)

My recent baseball insider appearance on Sportsnet 650 in Vancouver with excellent host Dave Sheldon (08-01-18). Together, we discussed the recent trade deadline trades and acquisitions, the rise and fall of Roberto Osuna, why MLB’s concept of justice and punishment remains problematic, and how prospect depth and internal development is real tonic for the long-suffering Toronto Blue Jays fan.

Ari Shapiro on Sportsnet 650 (Vancouver) with Bik Nizzar (07-28)

A Saturday afternoon chat on Sportsnet 650 (Vancouver) with host Bik Nizzar. Discussing: the promotion of Vlad Guerrero Jr. to the triple-AAA Buffalo Bisons, the red hot Lourdes Gurriel Jr., why Marcus Stroman shouldn’t be traded but could end up joining Alex Anthopoulos in Atlanta, and how a commitment to baseball fundamentals is precisely why the Toronto Blue Jays are choosing position players over pitchers via draft picks and trades.

Ari Shapiro on Sportsnet 650 (Vancouver) with Dave Sheldon (07/21)

My latest guest appearance on Dave Sheldon’s excellent sports show (07/21) discussing the Blue Jays: why grandstanding and posturing is hurting the Blue Jays in more ways than one, making a shift in baseball culture with an American-style corporate management group, how to deal with the moral dilemma associated with the return of elite closer Roberto Osuna, and why appealing to multiple demographics is a true exercise in patience, planning, and mutual respect.

Teskey and Shapiro – Episode 7

Colin Teskey & Ari Shapiro return for episode seven of the podcast which features some of the hottest and most saucy takes since the invention of the wheel. Together, they discuss: Kawhi Leonard’s fate with the Raptors, how sentimentality for DeMar DeRozan varies, why MLSE has become such a force to be reckoned with by baseball fans, if Mark Shapiro can turn half a season into a beacon of hope, and why the fate of Marcus Stroman come sooner rather than later.

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