Khaled Mansour

Canada’s latest independent revelation; Khaled is an innovative and cutting-edge audio and dynamic video producer whose quality of work rivals some of the biggest media firms across the country. He has worked on the production of television shows (New Canadians TV, Let The Quran Speak) aired on Omni, Vision & Yes TV. He has been working also on YouTube projects (Whiskey & Cream,, sport features, events, and corporate videos (The Cloudwifi Dignity Project, Access Community Capital Funds).


Luke Armstrong

Luke is a business student at the Ted Rogers School of Management – Ryerson University, studying marketing economics and finance. He brings a cold, passionate, analytical approach to discussing sports. He understands your right to a different opinion, but also knows you’re wrong. A former contributor at FanSided, his work has been featured on Sports Illustrated, the Sporting News and he’s been a guest of Colorado’s Altitude sports radio.



Andrew is passionate about the Toronto sports scene and always has an opinion regarding the Maple Leafs, Raptors and Blue Jays. He is a graduate of the Radio Broadcasting program at Humber College where he served as radio host and commentator for the Humber Hawks with the goal of eventually making sports documentaries. When he is not deep-diving into sports stats and history, you can find Andrew reading novels and comics or gaming on his PC.


Eric Rosenhek

Eric was born and raised under American League rules. Since 2012, he’s run a site called Definitely Not JaysTalk; featuring podcasts, articles and literary work, mostly related to the Toronto Blue Jays. Eric recognizes the importance of numbers, but prefers going by smells, sounds and sights. In case you really need to know what’s going through his head, follow him on Twitter and Instagram.


Jon Reid

Jon has been involved in sports and politics for nearly two decades. His education in both political science and sports broadcasting dovetail with his two biggest passions in life. Working as a political consultant, as well as a semi professional tennis bettor and former sports radio producer, his passions have evolved into his career. Jon’s primary goal in the political realm is to search for consistency, reject straw men arguments and deflection. Coming at it from a firmly libertarian perspective, he also tries to educate on the ills and failures of government, and why a smaller government would be far more effective at handling the most vital public functions.


Marshall Auerback

Marshall is a financial market practitioner for over 30 years in Hong Kong, Tokyo, London, and New York, and is also a Research Associate for the Levy Institute at Bard College. A prolific economics commentator, he has also worked as Director for Institutional Partnerships for the Institute for New Economic Thinking from July 2012-July 2015. He graduated magna cum laude with a BA from Queen’s University in 1981 and received a law degree from Corpus Cristi College, University of Oxford in 1983.


Dr. Kristina Reihl 

Kristina is a clinical and sport psychologist whose passion for sports started at a young age. She received her bachelors degree from Hofstra University and doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Nova Southeastern University. She owns a private practice working with professional, junior, and amateur athletes/performers seeking to take their mental skills to the next level and has provided on-ice consulting for a goalie camp. Dr. Reihl is also a professor at Yorkville University, and speaks at international conferences.

Sam Mendelsohn

Sam lives and breathes sports ever since he was a young kid. His passion for sports is unmatched and he is the proud graduate of the College of Sports Media and Centennial’s Sports Journalism program. He spent two years covering the Oshawa Generals in the OHL; before that he worked with CBC Sports during the Olympics and TSN. He has also spent time working as a betting analyst and writer at Oddsshark.



Michael is a writer, podcaster, radio personality and all around sports enthusiast. While graduating from York University with a undergraduate degree in Communications and a Radio Diploma at Seneca simultaneously, Michael has written for companies like Fan-I Sports about any sport under the sun. He is currently a Raptors 905 beat reporter for ATB News and you can hear him talking sports every Saturday from 6-8 on Sankofa Radio Toronto.


Eitan ShapirA

Eitan is a discriminating collector, a passionate fan, a dark imaginer, and a trainer of steel. Bearing witness to the evolution of the sport of MMA over the span of 25 years, Mordecai is a guide that can offer insight beyond the chain-link panels of the cage, while often forseeing the events within. His love of combat sports and violent artistry also seeps into realms of entertainment such as professional wrestling, comic books, film, and Canadian Ice Hockey. Many moons ago, Mordecai contributed to CBS Sportsline, DC Fanzine and a slew of pro wrestling websites. His favorite fighters of all-time include: Bas Rutten, Dave “Pee Wee” Herman, Donald Cerrone, Joe Lauzon and Clay Guida. He also owns the world’s most comprehensive Korean Zombie Topps trading card collection.



Brad has an eclectic array of interests. Born and raised in Greater Detroit, he is an avid Detroit sports fan, and overall supporter of the community, for life. He played baseball for Saginaw Valley State University on scholarship, has several perfect games (bowling) under his belt and was a guitarist for a local band for five years. Graduating from Walsh College as a finance major in 2011, Brad decided to move to California to pursue the more desirable job market and has resided in Oakland ever since. Brad has a keen interest in American and global politics. Follow him on social media to see what he thinks about the latest events.


Stefan Hosko

Stefan is a 4 – 1 Mixed Martial arts fighter and the champion of two separate international organizations. He brings a much needed dose of cynicism, critical thinking and an unrelenting pursuit of the truth to the world of mixed martial arts. He also wrote this biography. You can catch him on The Leg Kick Podcast every Sunday and Thursday or here at When Stefan isn’t obsessing over MMA or dunking on Micheal Asiffo he’s usually playing his 110 pound puppy Bumi.



Geoff was born and raised in Toronto. He has a heart for hockey and a mind for baseball. He’s also a former writer for, a site that focused on minor league statistics designed for fantasy and dynasty leagues. A pessimistic Toronto sports fan, he’s apt to delve into the positives and negatives of local sports teams. Not one to mince his words, Geoff can often be that brutally honest, say-it-like-he-sees-it controversial voice in any heated sports debate. He has proven to be well-versed in everything from Toronto Rock Lacrosse to Woodbine Horseracing.


Arthur Cleroux

Arthur believes everyone has a natural logical ability, but it’s only with good information, put in context, that we can make the right decisions. His goal is to help create a better 21st century; to better understand and learn from the wisdom of the ages and to use that wisdom paired with modern research to create stronger minds, healthier bodies, stronger families, and better systems. But to do this we need to begin asking questions and to ask the right ones we need to explore how to think rather than looking to others to tell us what to think.


Stefan Morrone

Stefan is a graduate from the Ryerson University Journalism program with a passion for writing and content creation. His goal is to share his interest in exploring fascinating topics from across the spectrum of human history with a focus on the interesting and thought-provoking. Stefan is currently working towards becoming a history teacher and he hopes to share his passion for creating historical content with readers and teach readers something new with every piece. You can usually find him reading any number of history-related books or gaming in his spare time.


Jonathan Edward Elliotte
Jonathan is a writer and musician from Ontario.  He is a member of the musical folk duo The Remmie Boys, and has written one book – So You’ve Discovered You Have a Penis, which is available on Amazon. He is currently working on his latest project, a novel called  A Beaver Flew Over the CBC, and it should be out soon.
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