A conversation with Richard Lewis

My conversation with British eSports journalist and livestream commentator Richard Lewis, whose intrepid investigations and soothsaying work as the former host of ELeague and By The Numbers: CSGO, a weekly counter-strike: Global Offensive podcast, has made him into one of the most critically-acclaimed and trusted internet personalities around.

We discussed his recent article on Desmond Daniel “Etika” Amofah and how struggles with mental health and social media integrity are producing the next great medical epidemic, his candid thoughts on the perils of app-based addictions, how he keeps himself sane during his repeated forays into match-fixing scandals/gambling controversies/unethical program violations, the true damage that Facebook has caused an entire generation, if we’ve gone past the point of no return when it comes to regulating or defining the influence of modern social media, and what drove him to become a crusader against misanthropic corporations and unscrupulous profit-driven game developers.

Be sure to follow Richard (@RLewisReports) on Twitter, and be sure to visit his YouTube page for the latest video commentaries and eSport industry takes.

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