Ari Shapiro is a writer, podcaster, and publisher with over two decades of experience working for monolithic corporations before one day realizing that the value of pure human ingenuity and creative literary expression is worth far more than being a capitalist ronin prick who drives a nice BMW. He’s a dashing technologist by day and a cunning journalist by night running one of the last independent and underground media hubs featuring articles from a cadre of ruthlessly talented contributors. He also discovered J. R. R. Tolkien at ten years of age, King Crimson by twelve, and ran the city’s most popular bulletin board system at fifteen. Now mired in adulthood, he yearns to avoid mediocrity by inspiring others to use both hemispheres of the mind.


He’s also the creator, host, and producer of multiple critically acclaimed baseball, hockey, history and technology podcasts across the FanSided, Blog Talk Radio, and Spreaker networks, having interviewed popular athletes, media personalities, and political figures including: William D. Cohan, Tom Harrington, Scott Cullen, Gil Troy, Bif Naked, Warren Kinsella, Todd Stottlemyre, Jesse Barfield, Tony Fernandez, Jackie Redmond, Arden Zwelling, Maurizio Bevilacqua, and Tao of Stieb. You may have heard him on many media sources across North America including: CBC Radio One, Sportsnet Fan 590 in Toronto, Sportsnet Fan 650 in Vancouver, TSN 1260 in Edmonton, 105.9 The Region in Markham, Extra Sports 90.5 in Peterborough, and The Todd Shapiro Show on Sirius XM Radio.

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