Ari Shapiro is a writer, podcaster, and publisher with over two decades of experience working for monolithic corporations before one day realizing that the value of pure human ingenuity and creative literary expression is worth far more than being a capitalist ronin prick who drives a nice BMW. He’s a dashing technologist by day and a cunning journalist by night running one of the last independent and underground media hubs featuring articles from a cadre of ruthlessly talented contributors. He also discovered J. R. R. Tolkien at ten years of age, King Crimson by twelve, and ran the city’s most popular bulletin board system at fifteen. Now mired in adulthood, he yearns to avoid mediocrity by inspiring others to use both hemispheres of the mind.


Whiskey & Cream Media is a fellowship of talented men and women who are respected for being part of an independent, centrist-oriented publishing company that features literary articles, podcasts, videos and mini-documentaries based on the fundamental principles of investigative and responsible journalism. From the veteran wordsmith to the ambitious storycrafter to the fastidious blogger; WCM will provide you with hours of worthwhile enlightenment, unfiltered entertainment and a compelling reason to punch through the darkness until it bleeds daylight.

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