Ari Shapiro on CBC Radio One 99.1 FM with Reshmi Nair (04-23-19)

My latest in-studio appearance on CBC Radio One 99.1 FM (04-23-19) during the afternoon with host Reshmi Nair (@reshminair) discussing game seven of the Toronto Maple Leafs and Boston Bruins opening playoff round. We talked about the emotional nature of this affair, why some fans refuse to see a half-glass full, and what a victory might mean to an entire generation that’s long on memory and short on patience.

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Ari Shapiro on TSN 1260 (Edmonton) – The Dave Jamieson Show (04-03-2019)

My latest appearance (04-03) on TSN 1260 Radio (Edmonton) with host Dave Jamieson (@jamieson1260).

We discussed the fallout from the Kevin Pillar trade, why baseball struggles mightily with generating spontaneous moments of worthwhile action, the last remaining pieces of the Alex Anthopoulos era, and the lost art of bunting.

Be sure to check out Dave’s excellent show on TSN radio (weekdays at noon) and be mindful that he once put out a raging barbecue fire with nothing more than an old dish towel and a steely glance.

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