A conversation with Scott Cullen

My conversation with writer and fantasy expert Scott Cullen, whose prolific work as a contributor at The Athletic and correspondent with the National Hockey League is admired by legions of fans and followers across North America.

We discussed his earliest days in the business and how he crafted his identity and brand through sheer diligence and hard work, the reckoning of sports journalism and how the seismic nature of the business forced him to adjust every step of the way, his candid thoughts the Maple Leafs and the omnipresent divisional threat that is Tampa Bay Lightning, his brutally honest take on the state of the Raptors and if Gasol is enough to vault them into the NBA finals, and his stone cold interpretation of the rebuilding mandate behind the Blue Jays and the non-competitive nature of modern day free agency in baseball.

Be sure to check out Scott (@ByScottCullen) on social media and enjoy his fantasy prognostications for the NHL, NFL, MLB, and NBA.

Ari Shapiro on FM 105.9 The Region (Vaughan) with Jim Lang (02-16-2019)

My latest guest appearance on FM 105.9 The Region (Vaughan) with the always classy Jim Lang.

We talked about the departure of John Gibbons and the potential influence of rookie skipper Charlie Montoyo, on the issue of having one hundred free agents still looking for employment, how Mark Shapiro will need to be a skillful politician in 2019, the Blue Jays depth chart and their dire need for legitimate major league starting pitching, when the mercurial Vlad Guerrero Jr. will see the light of major league day, if Marcus Stroman and Aaron Sanchez can right their respective ships, and the quagmire that has become Bryce Harper.

Check out Jim (@JimLangSports) on social media and be sure to follow his morning show on FM 105.9 The Region (@1059TheRegion).

A conversation with Bif Naked

My conversation with writer, humanitarian, actress, and Canadian rock star icon Bif Naked, whose music and philosophy has made her into a profound source of inspiration for millions of fans. With classic hits like Spaceman, I Love Myself Today, and Daddy’s Getting Married, many fans of Bif (aka Beth Allen) will find her an engaging conversationalist who has no shortage of words to describe her indomitable view of the changing world around us.

We talked about her extraordinary powers of self-awareness which never allowed the media to dictate her image, breaking on the scene after the arrival of the Seattle grunge sound, the things in life that inspire her every day and night, her passion for human rights and social justice, why being an animal lover is a defining trait that continues to nourish her life, how a childhood filled with parental expectations molded her into a soul fighter, her love of baseball and the Blue Jays, and the existential feeling behind moving from Vancouver to Toronto after nearly three decades.

Be sure to check out Bif Naked (@bifnaked) on social media and visit her website at bifnaked.com. Her latest book is “I, Bificus – Song & Stories Tour” which looks back at her entire career and 10-album repertoire that will only further your understanding of why she’s been called the Princess of Punk, the Rock Goddess, and the Legend.

Sexpress Yourself – Episode 2: Exploring Your Imagination

On the last episode we discussed foreplay and how pornography and a profound lack of sexual education may be to blame for its slow and gradual demise. On this episode, we will look at some tips and tricks that you can use to spice up your sex life by incorporating foreplay and making it fun. So will you join me and learn how to foreplay?

Sexpress Yourself is a new sexual health and discovery podcast created and hosted by Alicia Legge (@legge_alicia). Subscribe to arishapiro.ca today and receive the latest episode straight to your phone and e-mail inbox.

Music: The Breeders – Cannonball.

Another conversation with Tao of Stieb

My latest conversation with the inimitable writer, blogger, and baseball existentialist Tao of Stieb, whose literary prowess at Sportsnet is something to be savoured and enjoyed for those of you who appreciate the value of an honest and intelligent opinion.

We discussed his recent article (18 memorable Blue Jays moments from 2018), his thoughts on the gruesomely silent free agent market, the trials and tribulations of having two-thirds of the league in a non-competitive state, the dangers of an embittered and seething players union, why the aphorism “if you build it they will come” is ruthlessly ignored time and time again by front office executives, and what he expects from the team in 2019 and beyond.

Be sure to check out Tao of Stieb (@TaoOfStieb) on social media and be sure to read his latest articles and insights at Sportsnet.ca. It’s about the most sensible thing you can do next to shaking your fists and yelling at a cloud in the sky.

A conversation with Shiri Bartman

My conversation with behavior analyst and autism awareness crusader Shiri Bartman, whose work as the clinical director at the Shining Through Centre in Ontario is a testament to her passion and expertise in helping children and young adults diagnosed with the disorder.

We talked about her thoughts on the perception of autism today compared to 25 years ago, why so many misconceptions about autism still exist in today’s society, her thoughts on how governments can support families in dire need of financial and psychological help, and how the Rob Ford government has ignored the reality that liberal and conservative families are equally affected by the challenge of autism.

Be sure to follow Shiri on social media (@ShiriBartman) and visit The Shining Through Centre for Autism (shiningthrough.ca) which is a recognized leader in the field of autism and providing service excellence in therapy, education, research, and awareness to children and their families.

A conversation with Hugh Burrill

My conversation with veteran broadcaster and sports commentator Hugh Burrill, whose work with CityTV, Breakfast Television, and Sportsnet is enjoyed by Canadians from coast-to-coast.

We discussed the surprising Montreal Canadiens and the upstart New York Islanders, how losing Tavares was a classic case of addition by subtraction, on the power of real sports escapism, the portrayal of Matthews and Marner on social media as a mitigating factor, his candid thoughts on the Super Bowl, why the Blue Jays aren’t following MLSE’s mantra, and the looming threat of work stoppages in hockey and baseball.

Be sure to follow Hugh on social media (@hughwburrill) and tune in weekday mornings at the Fan 590 in Toronto for his live radio show.

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