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A conversation with Allan Bester

My conversation with former NHL goaltender Allan Bester, whose time with the Toronto Maple Leafs during the mid-80's made him into a genuine local favourite that was always respected for his competitive spirit and indomitable will. We talked about the daunting nature of his craft during a notoriously free-wheeling and high-scoring decade, the changing nature of modern goaltending, thoughts on how NHL front offices should regard the position, introspective musings on the glory of hockey masks, his admired heroes and coveted teammates, on the legacy of Harold Ballard and his personal relationship with him, and some candid perspectives on the city's Stanley Cup drought and what fans truly desire in the end.

2018 Toronto Blue Jays Player in Review: Kevin Pillar

2018 Toronto Blue Jays Player in Review: Kevin Pillar Join podcast host Ari Shapiro as he takes a moment to reflect on the season that was for center fielder Kevin Pillar and what fans should expect in the days ahead. Featuring article and social media quotes from: Hayden Godfrey, Clayton Richer, and Chris Henderson of Jays Journal. Be sure to tune in regularly for new player reviews from the year that was, and check out the latest work from the writing crew over at Jays Journal. Subscribe to today and receive the latest daily reviews straight to your e-mail inbox and on-demand with your phone.

Ari Shapiro on Sportsnet 650 (Vancouver) with Mira Laurence (01-05-19)

My latest guest appearance on Sportsnet 650 Vancouver (01-05-19) with the inimitable Mira Laurence (@laurence_mira). We discussed the absence of Elias Pettersson over the weekend, debating Travis Green's nature, on the glaring Marner and Rielly omissions at the NHL's ASG, how the Lightning will be the Moriarty to the Maple Leafs' Sherlock Holmes, that zany Hutchinson gambit, accepting St. Ovechkin's way, and the ugly ballad of Troy Tulowitzki.

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