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Toronto Blue Jays Round Table: Rebuilding Pride. But At What Cost?

Enjoy the latest Toronto Blue Jays round table recorded on May 20th, 2019 and brought to you by Jays Journal and Settle in and join host Ari Shapiro and his guests: country musician star and site expert Chris Henderson (@baseball4brains), scouting director and minor league expert Richard Birfer (@richardbirfs), and celebrated writer and public speaker Hayden Godfrey (@haydengodfreyy). Together, they tackle the issue of resting Vlad Guerrero Jr. hot on the heels of winning AL Player of the Week and in front of a national holiday crowd, how to analyze the reported 25% decrease in attendance over last year and what baseball is doing to combat diminishing interest in the sport, evaluating the fourth year of the Shapiro/Atkins era, why the fourth largest market in baseball has an actualized payroll of $65 million dollars, what to do with Marcus Stroman and Aaron Sanchez as the only legitimate trading chips on the roster, looking back at Roberto Osuna and the price that was paid for making a "moral" baseball trade, and their general speculation on the quality and nature of this enigmatic rebuild. Be sure to visit and for your latest in Blue Jays insights, editorials, and analysis.

Teskey and Shapiro – Episode 11

Colin Teskey & Ari Shapiro are back after their respective podcast world tours and find themselves wrestling over the Toronto sports landscape with microphones and cigars. Warning: this episode (05-08-19) is 70% Raptors, 20% Maple Leafs, 10% Blue Jays content and contains trace amounts of peanuts and crackerjacks, along with an endearing salute to the greatest man to ever walk the earth: Clint Eastwood.

Ari Shapiro on CBC Radio One 99.1 FM with Reshmi Nair (04-23-19)

My latest in-studio appearance on CBC Radio One 99.1 FM (04-23-19) during the afternoon with host Reshmi Nair (@reshminair) discussing game seven of the Toronto Maple Leafs and Boston Bruins opening playoff round. We talked about the emotional nature of this affair, why some fans refuse to see a half-glass full, and what a victory might mean to an entire generation that's long on memory and short on patience. Be sure to check out Here and Now on weekday afternoons from 3pm to 6pm covering all news, traffic, and sports.

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