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Whiskey & Cream: Episode XI

Whiskey & Cream for March 2nd, 2021 Host: Ari Shapiro 0:44-17:21: “Extraordinary times require extraordinary […]

Whiskey & Cream Round Table: Toronto Raptors Edition (02-26)

Whiskey & Cream Round Table for February 26th, 2021. Host: Ari Shapiro Guests: Stephen Burns and Marshall Auerback. Narratives: Toronto Raptors basketball; Adam Silver's weaksauce apology to Masai Ujiri, Doug Smith and the tyranny of words when using social media, and why the sport itself is a blessing during dark times. Duration: 31:47 WARNING: Listener discretion is advised. This podcast contains seriously blunt truths, excessively mature language, ruthlessly candid perspectives, and the kind of intellectual discourse that serves to enlighten, educate and punch through the darkness until it bleeds daylight.

Whiskey & Cream: Episode X

Whiskey & Cream for February 17th, 2021 Host: Ari Shapiro 0:42-7:38: “When familiarity breeds contempt” […]

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Pandemic Dim Sum: Volume II

Another social media warrior beckoned my attention.   “Now hear this,” he typed loudly. “For almost […]

The Best of Whiskey & Cream

  “Freedom is about respecting other people’s freedom. It’s a social contract, a negotiation that […]

Sheldon Keefe is sending a strong and powerful message

This won’t be your average NHL season. The four divisions were re-aligned, with teams only […]

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