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Ari Shapiro on TSN 1260 (Edmonton) – The Dave Jamieson Show (04-03-2019)

My latest appearance (04-03) on TSN 1260 Radio (Edmonton) with host Dave Jamieson (@jamieson1260). We discussed the fallout from the Kevin Pillar trade, why baseball struggles mightily with generating spontaneous moments of worthwhile action, the last remaining pieces of the Alex Anthopoulos era, and the lost art of bunting. Be sure to check out Dave's excellent show on TSN radio (weekdays at noon) and be mindful that he once put out a raging barbecue fire with nothing more than an old dish towel and a steely glance.

Ari Shapiro on The Neutral Zone (03-30-19)

My latest guest appearance (03-30) on The Neutral Zone podcast (@AMIaudio) with hosts Brock Richardson (@neutralzonebr) & Cam Jenkins (@NeutralZoneCamJ) talking about the Toronto Blue Jays. We discussed the start of the 2019 baseball season, my candid thoughts on the future of Marcus Stroman, if the current stock of reclamation projects can find a way to win back fans, the glorious culture change that is Charlie Montoyo's leadership, and what to expect from a season that's truly short on expectations and high on rose-colored possibilities. Be sure to subscribe to The Neutral Zone ( and enjoy their fine work as an accessible television channel offering professional reading and original content to blind and partially sighted Canadians.

Blue Jays Round Table: Perceptions of Youth and Revisionist History

My latest baseball round table featuring Jesse Golderberg-Strassler (@jgoldstrass; author and voice of the Lansing Lugnuts), Marshall Auerback (@Mauerback; writer and research analyst at the Levy Institute), and Jason Woodell (@JasonAtTheGame; co-founder of Prospects Live and host of The Scouts Have Eyes podcast). We discussed: Anthony Alford's great and final crusade, the sumptuous reclamation projects that is Teoscar Hernandez, a strange recurrence of the Shapiro vs. Anthopoulos paradigm, what Alex and his legacy was truly all about, Woodell's favourite under-the-radar Jays prospects, dreaming of 200+ innings from Stroman and Sanchez, why the most important rookie on the team isn't a player, how to properly grade the efforts of Charlie Montoyo, and the power of self-prescribed intellectual exercises in management versus old-school vanilla rebuilds. Subscribe to today and receive all my round tables straight to your inbox/cell phone, and be sure to visit for news, insights, and editorials on all things Blue Jays.

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