A conversation with Mary Ormsby

My conversation with veteran writer, and columnist Mary Ormsby, whose prolific work at The Toronto Star for over three decades has cemented her status as one of the most dynamic and accomplished investigative journalists for cultural, historical, and sports-related narratives across Canada.

We discussed her experiences in working for a pillar of mainstream journalism and how she bridges the gap between life’s lessons and sports stories, on how she was able to forge ahead as a female reporter in a male-dominated landscape, her candid thoughts on the current state of the industry during the Age of Trump, her take on the spectacle that was the Brett Kavanaugh hearings and the consequent societal fallout, and how she genuinely feels about readers in the modern age.

Be sure to follow Mary (@MaryOrmsby) on social media and at The Toronto Star (thestar.com) where her articles will be sure to inspire and make you think twice about the world around us.

Ten Minutes of Cardy – Episode 2

Welcome to the second edition of “Ten Minutes Of Cardy” from celebrated podcaster and Toronto sports aficionado Brent Cardy – available exclusively at www.arishapiro.ca.

On this week’s sampler, Cardy talks about his ALCS and NLCS baseball predictions, his NFL thoughts on the Broncos/Falcons/Rams/Chiefs, his candid observation on Hurricane Michael, and a preview of his upcoming show with special guest: veteran Canadian sportscaster Jody Vance!

Brent Cardy is the Host & Producer of the critically-acclaimed “The Cardy Show” which can be found on @iTunes and @Podomatic. Be sure to check out his latest work on twitter via @BrentCardyShow and subscribe to his podcast today.

Ari Shapiro on The Neutral Zone

My latest guest appearance (10-06) on The Neutral Zone podcast (@AMIaudio) with hosts Brock Richardson (@neutralzonebr) & Cam Jenkins (@NeutralZoneCamJ) talking about the Toronto Blue Jays.

We engaged in a retrospective look at the Blue Jays season that was, if I was surprised that John Gibbons managed to last the entire season, candid thoughts on the second best manager in the history of the franchise, who the next manager of the team should be, if multilingualism will be a major factor in upgrading the coaching staff, how the financial justification of keeping Vlad Guerrero Jr. buried in the minors will come back to haunt the front office, and if Mark Shapiro will be around to rebuild this team properly.

Be sure to subscribe to The Neutral Zone (AMI.ca/listenlive) and enjoy their fine work as an accessible television channel offering professional reading and original content to blind and partially sighted Canadians.

A conversation with Jackie Redmond

My conversation with popular television and radio sportscaster Jackie Redmond, whose brilliant work and credibility at The Score and on Sportsnet led her south of the border where she is now a host at the NHL and MLB networks. Oh, and she’s got a national podcast as well!

We talked about her daunting transition from Canada to south of the border, how she feels hockey fans respond to her efforts in the US, feelings on the state of the NHL today and if she’s encouraged about their growth and marketing direction, why her departure from the sports landscape in this country felt like losing a first overall draft pick, how she feels about the young season and the seemingly endless cavalcade of goal-scoring, her candid take on the state of Toronto sports today, and the importance of truly enjoying what one does for a living.

Be sure to follow Jackie (@Jackie_Redmond) on social media and check out the new and exciting Jack & Soph podcast (@Jack_and_Soph) where she collaborates with Sophia Jurksztowicz (@sjurksztowicz) on Yahoo! Sports and affiliates.

Maple Leafs Round Table – White, Morassutti, Owens

I’m pleased to bring you my latest hockey round table featuring three professors of puck whose insights and expertise on all things Toronto Maple Leafs could easily be considered second to none; Omar White, David Morassutti, and Austin Owens.

We discussed their thoughts on the first week of the season and any surprises or disappointments which left indelible impressions, their collective concerns about the team’s suspect blue line, why certain NHL calibre defensemen might remain whipping boys for an entire season, the always vexing issue of Mike Babcock’s selective minutes distribution and why the universally lauded Travis Dermott deserves much more ice time, and their definitive hot takes on the William Nylander impasse in all its false splendor and surreal glory.

Be sure to check out the fine literary and audio work from Omar White (@OLW93) with Pension Plan Puppets, Dave Morassutti (@d_morassutti) of Sportsnet, and Austin Owens (@_AustinOwens) at The Score.

Shapiro Podcast Exclusive: Ten Minutes of Cardy – Episode 1

Welcome to the first edition of “Ten Minutes Of Cardy” from celebrated podcaster and Toronto sports aficionado Brent Cardy – available exclusively at www.arishapiro.ca.

Cardy reacts to Toronto Blue Jays General Manager Ross Atkins and his press conferences this past week. He gives his candid thoughts and hot takes on which legitimate candidates Atkins will consider for manager and also talks about the recent John Gibbons appearance on Prime Time Sports. Who and what pissed Gibby off and why was he so emotional?

Also: what’s wrong with baseball? How did the Toronto Maple Leafs make out? What are the Baltimore Orioles doing? Why do we not like the WWE anymore?

Have a listen to find out!

Brent Cardy is the Host & Producer of the critically-acclaimed “The Cardy Show” which can be found on @iTunes and @Podomatic. Be sure to check out his latest work on twitter via @BrentCardyShow and subscribe to his podcast today.

A conversation with David Morassutti

My conversation with writer, editor, and blogger David Morassutti, whose work as the site expert at Tip of the Tower and as an associate editor at Sportsnet has made him a true authority on the Toronto sports scene. He is also the proud graduate of the Centennial College School of Journalism.

We discussed his thoughts on the state of journalism today, his feelings on ageism and why the industry struggles mightily with finding young talent, candid takes on the Maple Leafs-Raptors-Blue Jays, his initial reaction to the DeMar DeRozan-Kawhi Leonard trade, why front office leadership is so very crucial yet scarce, and his opinion of the raw power and volatile influence of modern day social media in professional sports today.

Be sure to follow David (@d_morassutti) and check out his brilliant team of contributors at the Tip of the Tower website (TipoftheTower.com) on the FanSided network. Trust me, you’ll thank me later.

A conversation with Blake Murphy

My conversation with Toronto Raptors writer Blake Murphy, who previously wrote for Raptors Republic, Vice, Dime Magazine, and Fangraphs before moving to The Athletic.

We talked about his thoughts on the Raps off-season and how it’s impacted him as a sports journalist, what the worst case scenario is with the Leonard-DeRozan trade, on the nature of melodrama in Toronto and how Dwane Casey was largely ignored and quickly forgotten, his definitive and candid take on Kawhi, the importance of chemistry on the current roster, why the game of basketball and the Raptors have been such a huge inspiration in his life, and his thoughts on the patron saints of pro wrestling (Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair).

Be sure to follow Blake (@BlakeMurphyODC) on social media and check out his literary prowess and media interviews on all things basketball at The Athletic (@TheAthleticTO).

A conversation with Stephen R. Burns

My conversation with author and blogger Stephen R. Burns, who has published two critically acclaimed works of fiction (The Last Angel and City of Slaves) and is renowned for his soulful Toronto sports blogging.

We discussed what inspires him to keep writing for others in an era where so few are actually reading, how he feels about the current state of sports journalism and the industry in general, on the subject of why the Blue Jays grossly underestimated their fanbase in 2018, his take on Mark Shapiro’s relationship with the city, when he thinks a prospect stops being just a prospect, and why the DeMar DeRozan for Kawhi Leonard trade had a profound impact on his loyalties to the Toronto Raptors franchise.

Be sure to follow Stephen (@StephenRBurns) on social media and check out his adept literary prowess on Amazon and with Goodreads reviews.

A conversation with Bryan Hatt

My conversation with comedian and podcaster Bryan Hatt; one of the hottest comics in Canada and a veteran of Yuk Yuk’s iconic brand. He’s filmed for Comedy Now!, CTV, CBC, and performed in major cities across the country and in epic comedy festivals such as JFL42, NXNE, and alongside Harland Williams at the venerable Massey Hall.

We talked about his existential thoughts on the Blue Jays in 2018, avoiding the prospect of a half-assed rebuild, how to digest the future of Mark Shapiro, if the front office can recover from what’s transpired over 24 months of what could best be descirbed as absolutely shambolic baseball, putting stock in the power of the brand and what it’s meant to him since childhood, his aching desire to witness post-season action in Toronto before the age of 70, rationalizing the decision to exercise massive patience with Vlad Guerrero Jr., how his passion for the game influences his comedy, and if a part of him truly believes that the team might simply be cursed for all eternity.

Be sure to follow Bryan (@BryanHatt) on social media and be sure to listen to the Chatting Practice podcast (@ChattingPod) on Apple iTunes – it’s about the best thing you’ll do tonight.

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